Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Headshots?

Here they are. Note: They're pre-Photoshopped, so they haven't been cropped or corrected for color balance or had the wrinkles softened or the stray hairs removed or any of that technical stuff. Which one is the best? Which is the runner up? (Be kind. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Of course, you could like none of them, but please be kind and/or brief in your rejection.)


GOOD: I don't think they capture the real you.
BAD: You look like an old, tacky whore.
GOOD: I think you look better in person.
BAD: Do you have a drinking problem?

Oh... and don't trash the photographer. I'm married to him... And I am a very difficult model... and he's endured a lot already.

BTW: #736 (or the "Wine Shot") was taken between photos... we didn't pose one that way, it's totally candid. Got the idea? Good. Let's begin. Thanks in advance.

# 841

# 788

# 766

# 760

# 756

# 728

# 736

# 699

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