Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday Boy!

It's hubby's birthday today! Unlike most showbizzy folks, he isn't ashamed to tell his real age. He's 54... which is the new 53 1/2.

For his birthday, hubby bought a bike... for me! It's a red Fuji folding mountain bike which matches his red Fuji folding mountain bike which now makes us the psycho couple who ride matching bikes.

The only difference is my bike has a Marlboro logo. It seems that years ago Marlboro gave away bikes in exchange for box tops. A guy on Craig's List was selling one in mint condition for the price of about 100 mints. I like the Marlboro logo because when people see my labored breathing they'll just assume I'm a six pack per day smoker. It's a bike with a built in excuse.

We went for a ride this morning. Yesterday, hubby discovered a ten mile trail not far from where we live. We took the wrong street route to the trail head so I was practically suffering from heat exhaustion by the time we got there. (It is July in the desert, after all!) But, on the way back, we found a much better aka cooler aka more scenic way to join the bike path.

We had a good time anyway. We followed up the biking with a splash in the pool and a three hour coma. So far, he's enjoying his birthday immensely!

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