Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh, The Dogmanity!

Just when you thought you hadn't humiliated your dog enough by making him chase his tail, using static electricity to stick a balloon to his haunches or pretending to throw a ball when you've really just dropped it behind your back, along comes a costume that turns him into a stripper!

It's called Strip N' Dog! But you know they wanted to call it Chippendogs! (Damn copyright infringement!)

Clearly, Strip N' Dog is fun for the entire family. Imagine how much fun Junior will have making a YouTube video of grandma stuffing dollar bills into the dog's cuffs while mom (or sexually confused big brother) smears chunky peanut butter on Fido's penis?!

Strip N' Dog does, however, clearly illustrate the differences between men and women. Rare is the woman who would find a male dog dressed as a male stripper erotic. But you could easily find a guy who would look at a girl dog dressed as a girl stripper and say, "Yeah, I'd hit that... and not with a rolled up newspaper."

1 comment:

gigglechick said...

it's nice that the photo makes the pooch look like he's dragging his arse on a rug... that might be the signature Strip N' Dog move that gets the most tips.