Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Birthday Bike

Hubby and I rarely buy each other birthday presents, so imagine my shock when I opened the front door and there was my new-- albeit vintage-- AMF Royal Master bike.

He found it on Craigslist.

I haven't been on a bike since 1996 so I was understandably shaky at first. But, I did make it up a few big hills and survived a very large pot hole.

Now I need to get a matching helmet, a basket with plastic flowers and a bell. Hubby says I need streamers for my handlebars but I think at almost 45, I'm too old for streamers on my handlebar. There's a fine line between looking cool and pathetic.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it that way.

Neill said...

Streamers are definitely out!

Playing cards in the spokes never go out, on the other hand.