Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Throw Out Your Toaster!

Pre-made toast used to be a punchline. Now, thanks to our Bimbo friends, it's a reality!

What's next? Pre-boiled water.

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Matthew M said...

It only seems like a horrific idea until your twenty year old toaster dies, its budget priced replacement lasts only three months and a downtrodden would-be toaster mentality limits one's choices to: the broiler, tongs and burn ointment, scouring eBay for a toaster from the 1950s or coughing up too much dough for a new toaster that doesn't suck -- or way too much dough for one that doesn't suck and has slots long enough to handle the newfangled extra wide bread. Thank you Bimbo for a bad idea that just might distract an anxiety that neither Prozac nor Jack Daniels can make go away.