Tuesday, June 8, 2010

There Is Nothing Like A Dame

This past Saturday, as I was onstage (which was really just a dance floor) performing for seven people (five of whom were employees) at a military base (Air Force), I thought to myself, "This show can't get any weirder.

Then these guys walked in!

I love this picture because I actually look like I've been captured and perhaps decapitated by the natives.

My glowing demonic eyes are also a nice touch. I could be in the 15th Twilight movie.

I can see it now, Bella Swan (played by me since Kristen Stewart will probably be in rehab) is now middle-aged, has divorced the vampire and sets out on a wacky vacation to mend her broken heart. Think "Bella Got Her Groove Back."

I'm sure at least seven people (five of whom are employees) would go see that flick!

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