Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fantasy Cat League

While in Raleigh this past weekend, we picked up a copy of the Independent Weekly which is the free local entertainment rag.

On page 29, under the title "Pet Personals" we saw an ad for two kitties up for adoption at the Wake County Animal Adoption Center.

Sadly, hubby and I travel too frequently to have pets, but these guys were hard to resist.

I love Cat #1 because he has a riverboat gambler mustache. His name is Archie but I'd call him Gaylord Ravenal after the character in Showboat. On Halloween-- or when I was merely bored-- I would dress him up in a long waistcoast and vest then make him sing Negro spirituals. Oh, the fun, I could have with Gaylord.

Cat #2 is even better since his nose looks like a penis. His name is MooMoo but I'd have to call him Dickface. Although, there's a good chance I'd call all my cats Dickface.

If I ever do get into the position to adopt a pet, I would probably try to get a Kitler aka Cat That Looks Like Hitler. But, first, we have to get our hands on a three-legged dog. That's our real dream.

1 comment:

Matthew M said...

"Are you a cat person or a dog person?"

"I like both, but I brake for dogs."