Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Have "Good Hair"

Less than 24 hours after posting on both Facebook and Twitter "I just watched Chris Rock's documentary "Good Hair." I will never ever EVER complain about my white girl hair ever EVER again" I am regretting my declaration.

I've spent the last 40 years bitching about my hair. I can't change overnight just because I watched some movie. It's not like "Good Hair" was directed by Al Gore.

At least my current hair dilemma can be solved with a $15 haircut and a $5 bottle of dye. African-American females spend thousands on weaves or put chemicals on their hair which can melt a can of soda.

I'm surprised you don't see more black women wearing hats. If I had to do to my hair what they have to do to their hair, I would cover my head everyday, not just at church on Sundays. Heck, I'd wear a pith helmet to the supermarket before I'd sit in a chair for six hours having some chick's hair from India sewn into my skull.

It makes you wonder why they put themselves through such hell.

When I was a kid in the '70's, Afros were popular for both men and women. What happened? How did the natural look go from being a symbol of black pride to an embarrassing feature a large portion of the black population will go to great lengths (literally and figuratively) to cover-up?

Is Leo Sayers to blame?

Perhaps Al Sharpton is right. It is the white man's fault.

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Anonymous said...

I blame high carbs, Halliburton, and the public school system.