Monday, April 19, 2010

Two Legs Good. Four Legs Better.

When visiting Washington State, be sure to cruise along the Columbia River Gorge, sample the local wine and spend a romantic afternoon at a local bestiality farm.
A British tourist has been arrested in a raid on what US investigators said was a “bestiality farm”.

Assistant US attorney Susan Roe said Stephen Clarke, 51, of Peterborough, Cambs, had admitted bestiality offences to police.

Clarke was arrested with Douglas Spink, 39, who was running the farm in Washington state in which visitors could engage in sickening sex acts with animals.
Talk about your heavy petting zoo!
It was not immediately clear whether other zoophilic tourists had been to Spink’s farm, but Ms Roe said: “I expect there may have been other people visiting the property.”
When you call them "zoophilic tourists" it doesn't really sound all that bad. Can't we just say "it's not clear whether other creepy guys who like to do the nasty with Lassie and Mr. Ed" had been to Spink's farm. Call me crazy, but isn't this the perfect time to pull out the word perverted. I'm no prude, but if you'd rather be on Noah's Ark than at the Playboy Mansion, you are officially a certifiable perv!

Spink, like most other sexual deviants, thinks what he does has a higher purpose.
He calls his operation Exitpoint Stallions and expounds at length on its website about his philosophy. “Are we unconventional in our approach to stallion care? Absolutely,” he writes.

He later adds: “We don’t wall off sexual energy in our stallions as something dangerous or inappropriate, but rather channel that energy towards positive, safe, appropriate paths.

“There’s a proper time and place for it, and we work towards those sorts of skills rather than fighting unwinnable fights against deeply-rooted instincts.”
No, riding bare back is unconventional. Sticking your bare back in a stallion's face is just plain gross.

To quote Bugs Bunny, "What a couple of maroons." I'd like to see this weirdos try to put the moves on Bugs Bunny. They'd have an ACME rocket up their asses so fast their heads would spin.

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