Monday, March 1, 2010

The World's Worst Product InThe World

The first time Marc Anthony's Pro Root Touch-Up failed to touch-up my roots, I naturally assumed I had done something wrong. After all, products go through rigorous testing before hitting the shelves, don't they? Surely, Clairol would have noticed all the gray monkeys and rabbits in their labs.

A few hours ago, I gave the product another try. I'm still basically operating with one hand, so my husband was called in to assist. Since he approached the task with military precision, I knew there would be no errors on our part.

The result? I have a head full of gray roots.

If there were an Island of Misfit Products, I would gladly hop on an iceberg and take it there myself.

What good is hair dye that doesn't dye? It's like buying glue that doesn't stick, foul-smelling air freshener or condoms that are pre-broken for her pleasure.

Oh well, at least I look cute in my hat.

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