Wednesday, March 10, 2010

El Paso

I still can't straighten my arm, but I can bend it well enough to finally practice the guitar again. Not sure if it's good for my arm-- or my neighbors-- or my self-esteem.

Hubby is happy to have me back in our little guitar club. To celebrate my return, we've decided to learn Marty Robbin's El Paso so we can play it as a duet.

Already we're arguing over the harmonies. For a guy, he has an annoying habit of wanting to hit the high notes. Not once have we ever made it through Don't Go Breakin' My Heart without him veering into the Kiki Dee part. It's just one of the many reasons why we'll never sing karaoke together in public. Well, that and the fact that we despise karaoke.

I love Mary Robbins. His songs are all so passive/aggressive. I'm always yelling to the love interests in his songs, "Get a restraining order!"

In this performance of El Paso, Robbins is either bored, drunk or bat-shit crazy. Although, hubby pointed out that Robbins kind of looks like Matthew McConaughey who also is either always bored, drunk or bat-shit crazy.

Regardless, it's a great song and one which, I am sure, we will thoroughly butcher.


DamnCat said...

Back in the 40s, Les Paul was in a terrible car accident. His right arm was so badly broken that doctors told him he'd never be able to move his elbow. He had them set it at about 90 degrees so that he would still be able to play the guitar.

So now you should be able to play just like Les Paul. And Brian can sing like Mary Ford.

JP said...

How High The moon?

Traci needs to post a video of that (~_^)

I'm not a fan of C&W, but I do like Marty's voice and many of his tunes. El Paso is a good one.

Les too is grand, and for real fun, listen to Lester and Chester. . . Les' and Chet Atkins' duet album.

T.J. Skene said...

I too am a Virgo. I too like Marty Robbins. I too am a SKENE! Sincerely Thomas J Skene Hanover, Ontario Canada.

Traci Skene said...

DamnCat, I could only play like Les Paul if I spelled my name Less Paul.

JP, old time C&W is great. We were really into Carl Mann for awhile.

T.J., is your middle name James? Every male Skene in my family is named James.

JP said...

So i was enjoying lunch at work, listening to Radio Paradise and Bill plays Moonlight Sonata (not Bela Fleck sublime banjo version, but a fine piano version) and also plays this:
by Bat For Lashes and I think to myself (what a wonderful world?
"I'd like to see Traci's hubby hit these high notes!"
So, Brian.... have at it!