Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And You Were There And You Were There...

Finally, the crushing fatigue has abated. On Sunday, I wasn't sure that was ever going to happen. After a 13-hour drive home from Georgia, I found myself sitting on our couch moaning an oddly uncontrollable moan. I have a vague recollection of being tucked in by my husband before slipping into a nine-hour coma. Yet, the next day, I still took a trip to Napland.

Yesterday, was better but I still felt like I was just getting over the flu even though I didn't have the flu. Today, I'm almost normal.

Physical therapy is a bitch! Who knew that holding a small movement for ten seconds would make me want to leap from a tall building in a single bound but not in a Superman kind of way. It's only been one week. Let's hope it gets easier.

I have good news which I'm legally obligated not to discuss. Damn, damn, double damn, 'cause I really really want to blab. Oh well, here are some other minor good things that have been happening.

I've lost 8 pounds on my low-carb diet. Plus I've discovered that you can eat quite well while still cutting back on carbohydrates. On Monday, we had lamb with blue cheese butter and grilled Romaine. For dessert, hubby added a splash of bourbon to low fat/sugar free butterscotch pudding. Take that Jenny Craig!

In news only women will appreciate, I found another pair of my favorite stage shoes. A few years ago, I paid $6 for $198 Via Spiga heels at a thrift shop in Pittsburgh. They are, without a doubt, the most comfortable heels I've ever owned so they are my go-to shoes when I have to go-to work. But, even after several trips to the shoemaker, I can tell their time is almost up. The heel is wiggly again which is the shoe equivalent of breaking a hip.

I've been searching for months for a replacement and lucked out on Ebay. This time I'm paying $70 (with shipping) but on average it's still on $38 per pair or $19 per shoe.

The ones I currently own are black and white. I hope I like the cream color when I see them in person. Oh great, now I have the Michael Jackson song "Black or White" stuck in my head. Perhaps I'm more tired than I realize.


DamnCat said...

"I've lost 8 pounds on my low-carb diet."

That's good - too bad that thing you can't blab about will add 10.

The therapy will get better. Stick with it.

Good luck with both endeavors.

Traci Skene said...

Thanks. Actually, I read that a low-carb diet can cure GERD which is the real reason I'm sticking with this. Losing weight is a happy accident.

Oh yeah, my shoes arrived today. Me likey.