Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Marriage Ref

If you've spent the last nine days lying on your back watching the Olympics like I have then you've seen the same six commercials over and over and over again. I swear, if I have to sit through The World's Greatest Spokesperson In The World ad one more time, I'm going to write The World's Greatest Complaint Letter In The World.

NBC has also been using the downtime between Bob Costas' smirking to promote their latest lineup: The return of Jay Leno to The Tonight Show, a game show called Minute To Win It hosted by Guy Fieri who looks like he's been eating at way too many diners,drive-ins and dives and Jerry Seinfeld's latest creation, The Marriage Ref.

When I first heard about The Marriage Ref a few months ago, it seemed strange to me that a man who pursued his wife while she was married to somebody else would have the stones to give anybody advice about matrimony. I'm sure Mrs. Seinfeld's first husband will not be Tivo-ing this show.

The premise seems simple enough. Jerry Seinfeld is joined by "celebrity friends" who, with the help of host Tom Papa, referee disputes between dysfunctional couples.

Featured in the promo are, among others, Kelly Ripa, Tina Fey, Martin Short and Alec Baldwin.

Did they just say (this might be a good time to imagine the sound of a needle being dragged across a record) Alec Baldwin?

As in Alec Baldwin, Alec Baldwin? The same Alec Baldwin who had a knock-down, drag-out divorce with Kim Basinger? You mean, the Alec Baldwin who was just taken to the hospital for a pill overdose and blamed the incident on his ex? Are we talking about the same Alec Baldwin who famously called his own daughter a "rude little pig?" That Alec Baldwin?

Having Alec Baldwin referee a marital dispute is like having Mahmoud Ahmadinejad judge a Klezmer battle of the bands.

It's just wrong on so many levels.

What isn't wrong on any level is this Funny Or Die video from two years ago where Dora The Explorer gets a phone call from her dad, Alec Baldwin. I wonder if they'll play this clip on The Marriage Ref?


DamnCat said...

My rule of thumb: if the TV show promo or movie trailer spends more time showing people laughing than showing actual funny stuff, then it's not funny.

"See how funny our show is - look, look everybody is laughing."

Traci Skene said...