Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jim Treacher And His Busted Knee

Poor Jim Treacher. It's a terrible thing to wake up with a knee that's not broken yet go to bed with one that is. It's even more frustrating when the break was caused by a hit and run driver.
One last thing: I’m told by multiple people that the SUV that hit me was Secret Service. If this is true, I want to know why that happened. I was crossing legally, and they just left me there. At the very least, I want an apology. What happened to me was wrong.
I feel so bad for him. We had lunch with Treacher aka Sean Medlock a few weeks ago. He had just moved to DC to start his blogging gig with The Daily Caller. He's such a nice guy, really kind yet sardonic in that midwestern, Johnny Carson kind of way.

Right now, he seems super pissed off but who can blame him. I'm sure Tucker Carlson and the rest of The Daily Caller staff will work hard to find who did this to him.

Hit and run is a crime. Unless the driver was a diplomat with immunity (boy, that would suck) this person may be in big trouble.

The worst part is, now he won't be able to ski in the Olympics. Of course, he had no intention of skiing in the Olympics but that's what I would tell people. "Damn, my Olympic dream is over."

Treach should put on his panda bear PJ's, take lots of prescription drugs and rest up for what I think will eventually become a big story. This isn't over.

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