Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get Well, President Clinton

I didn't vote for Bill Clinton but, unlike many of my counterparts on the left, I never wish ill on people I disagree with. (Although, admittedly, I didn't exactly shed a tear when Jack Murtha died. I didn't pray for his death, however. There's a big karmic difference.)

So, when I heard our first black president was admitted to a New York hospital today with chest pains, I sincerely hoped he would recover. Thankfully, it appears he has.

If Bill Clinton and I were social networking buddies, I would send him a link to the following clip just to cheer him up. But, I have a feeling it's already one of his favorites.

In my own medical news, I still can't use my right arm. Typing left handed causes lots of growling and cursing. Yesterday, my husband had to cut my food which was romantic in a completely humiliating kind of way.

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