Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Prior to doing a pratfall on an icy sidewalk, I had successfully embarked on a low-carb diet. I had eliminated toast from my breakfast menu, substituted mashed cauliflower for mashed potatoes and switched from sandwiches to salads for lunch. Within the first week, I had lost four pounds. I was happily looking forward to a carbless winter.

Then, after diagnosing me with inflamed fat pads, my doctor wrote a prescription for Naproxen and said, "You absolutely must take these with carbs."


Enter Lay's Masala Potato chips!

Oh sure, I could have consumed nothing but "good carbs" but I'm already depressed. I haven't been able to style my hair or shave my arm pits properly for 11 days. Double fiber wheat bread just isn't going make this cranky girl smile the way a salty Indian-flavored snack can.

And, yes, I've gained back the four pounds.

And, no, I couldn't care less.

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