Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2-1/2 Brain Cells

Charlie Sheen and his wife have both checked into rehab. Call Jerry Seinfeld! I think we have two more celebrities for The Marriage Ref!

It's being reported that Social Services have been checking in on the couple's two young sons. In the past, I've offered to raise the children being cranked out by the Spears' girls. Am I going to have to make the same offer to the dysfunctional Sheen clan?

Filming on 2-1/2 Men (which should be called 2-1/2 Laughs), has been suspended until Sheen can get his act together... again. When you're on a money making, hit show, networks are willing to give you more than 2-1/2 chances.

Mrs. Charlie Sheen must have the dumbest uterus on the planet. Why would anybody want to mix DNA with the train wreck that is Charlie Sheen? Was she attracted to the fame, the money or the age old challenge or turning a man into a better person? Or perhaps it's just another case of good old fashion stupidity.

I've watched the ex-Mrs. Sheen's reality show Denise Richards: It's Complicated and I can tell you, it's not.

I think Sheen and all the women he has knocked up should just live together and open a cake decorating business. It could be Big Love meets Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab meets Cake Boss. Add a couple of little people and they'd strike ratings gold!

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