Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TOTUS Strikes Again!

You would think by now the President would learn what makes a good photo op. This looks more like a set from a Saturday Night Live sketch.

At first, it was reported that POTUS used the teleprompters to address 6th graders. Turns out, he was boring reporters who were sitting in tiny little elementary school chairs.

His supporters are jumping up and down, screaming, "See! See! You were wrong! He wasn't speaking to kids, he was speaking to adults!"

And why did he need a teleprompter to talk to adults?

Here I am delivering my 6th grade graduation speech to adults. Note the absence of any teleprompters. In fact, I never even looked at my notes.


DamnCat said...

I'd love to see those notes you didn't read from...

Good evening lunch-ladies and germs.
wait for laughs
Thank you, Principal Skeevy. Hey, is that a toupee on your head or is this bring your squirrel to work day?

Traci Skene said...

Ha! I actually did make a bald joke. "Mr. Leiberman remembers when he had hair." I have the speech around here somewhere.