Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Song Does Not Remain The Same

Last night, after torturing ourselves for two excruciating hours while watching The Hangover (seriously, those guys were way too old for that kind of nonsense) we saved the night by loading the documentary It Might Get Loud into our DVD player.

And, yes, it did get loud. But when Jimmy Page, Jack White (not to be confused with Jack Black, the rotund, overrated musical comedian) and The Edge talk about and play guitars, who cares about the volume? Well, maybe our neighbors.

As the closing credits rolled, I sent a Tweet to cyber friend, Ed Driscoll who I knew would love the film. He sent me back a link to an old Conan O'Brien Led Zeppelin bit.

I had no idea Andy Richter could play the guitar. Now I like him even more.


Ron Coleman said...

Can Jimmy Paige still play?

Traci Skene said...

Rent the movie. I love watching him play. His left hand doesn't even look human.