Sunday, January 31, 2010

Land of Lincoln

This past weekend we were working in Springfield, Illinois. In between, thrift shopping, napping and eating, we took time to visit Abraham Lincoln's house.

This was the house Lincoln shared with his wife and kids prior to moving to the White House. He may have grown up in a log cabin, but the Abe-ster made a nice little life for himself as an adult. Add a little indoor plumbing and I'd live in it today.

Lincoln's desk... the real one, not a reproduction.

The formal living room where Lincoln accepted the Republican nomination for president.

Can you believe one of his neighbors supported Stephen Douglas? What a douche! It now houses the office of Dick Durbin. What a douche!

A campaign log cabin on wheels. Lincoln was change we could believe in.

The most photographed view of Lincoln's house. In the back, there were three pots in the outhouse. Which just made us wonder, did three people use it at the same time? Must have been some crazy parties at the ol' Lincoln homestead!

Photo credit: Brian McKim

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Anonymous said...

Three pots?? That upper-class weasel! Douglas gets my vote.