Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dining (Or "Dinning" According To The Restaurant Website) In DC

On the way home from our Virginia gig, hubby and I stopped off in DC to have lunch with the blogger formerly known as Jim Treacher.

I say "formerly" because now that "Treacher" is working for Tucker Carlson's new blog, he may start using his real name.

The Daily Caller-- or as some folks are calling it Tuck Post-- goes live on Monday.

Hiring Treacher was a good move on Carlson's part. Having a wildly funny writer with an always interesting take on politics as a member of your staff can only do good things for the cyber publication.

Plus Treacher is a really nice guy. Good luck to everybody over at The Daily Caller. Maybe all of you will actually get a good night's sleep soon.

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