Thursday, December 10, 2009

Most Fascinating Person?

For some inexplicable reason, I found myself sitting in front of the television last night watching Barbara Walters count down the Ten Most Fascinating People. I quickly realized that if I'm sitting in front of the television watching Barbara Walters countdown the Ten Most Fascinating People then I must not be the least bit fascinating.

No surprise, our first lady, Michelle Obama (who I continue to maintain is a victim of the soft bigotry of low fashion expectations) topped the list. In this gripping and insightful interview, she discusses how resentment of her husband led to her "famously toned arms."
“[Malia] was still waking up for that four o’clock feeding and I’d get up because I’d be the first one to hear her, and he’d be asleep. And I thought, ‘I’m up, I might as well go to the gym. And if I get to the gym, then he’ll have to wake up and do that feeding. I get a workout in and everyone will be happy."
He'll have to wake up and do that feeding? Yikes! Let's translate: "Get up you lazy bum and feed that damn kid. I'm off for some me time."

Can you say, "Bitchy?"

1 comment:

DamnCat said...

It takes a village to raise a child.

'Cause Michelle damn sure ain't gonna do it.