Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little Tiger

It's always fun to look back at the childhood of an adult who has screwed up in a spectacular fashion.

In this famous Mike Douglas Show clip, a two-year-old Tiger Woods impresses Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart with his golf prowess. Fast forward to 2010 and Tiger Woods is catching more tail than... Bob Hope on a USO tour.

It's interesting to listen to folks who feel a desperate need to defend Tiger. Some have even gone as far as calling his wife a prostitute because she will ultimately gain financially from these embarrassing and painful events.

I think what Tiger did to his wife and kids is unconscionable. He could have remained a single, partying playboy but instead he made promises to his wife and children which he failed to keep.

Tiger's daughter is currently the same age as Tiger was in the clip. How tragic it would have been if Earl Woods had banged Joey Heatherton in the Mike Douglas green room leading to the break-up of the Woods family. Tiger would have then grown up without a father. He would have grown up without the daily influence of the man who so clearly had the most impact on his life.

Tiger's kids should be raised by Tiger. But who could blame his wife for packing up the tots and leaving town.

I hope all that crazy sex was worth ruining the lives of two innocent children.

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