Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Entertaining

In the old days, when you said, "I've been a regular Martha Stewart this Christmas" people imagined you making ginger bread nativity scenes, decorating the tree with pomegranates and basting a turkey with a brush made from fresh rosemary. Now, folks think you spent the holiday sitting in a cell, wearing a crocheted poncho, desperately trying to distract a butchy woman named Ruth with origami birds of paradise.

So, instead I say I'm a "regular B Smith" but only African-Americans and QVC watchers understand the reference. (I really need to hang out with more blacks and shut-ins.)

We did entertain quite a bit this past week. In fact, we had dinner guests three of the last five nights.

Since Christmas Eve, I have consumed a year's worth of alcohol, cookies and cheese. I owe my GERD a vacation.

It all started with ham and potato salad at my aunt's house. Christmas Day we cooked prime rib and homemade pierogi. Sunday and Tuesday we served chicken and pork burritos. In between there was lots of goat cheese, roasted red peppers, various kinds of chips and crackers, processed meat logs, deviled eggs, George Dickle bourbon and Gnarley Head cabernet. And the cookies... those damn cookies!!!

I'd like to detox but I think the mirth and merriment isn't over yet.

January 4 will be a day of low sodium broth, green tea and Activia. In the meantime, I'll run, lift weights and do pilates, hoping to keep the damage to a manageable level.

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