Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Grinches Who Almost Stole Christmas

For the past two days, I came dangerously close to letting 60 members of the U.S. Senate ruin my Christmas. For much of Sunday and Monday, I couldn't decide if I was more angry, depressed or frightened.

Obamacare is wrong on so many levels but, as an uninsured American, I am stunned and appalled by the clearly unconstitutional provision that forces us to purchase health insurance or face fines and possible jail time.

I used Twitter to vent my frustration.
Forcing people to buy health insurance is unconstitutional so I guess I'll be spending next Xmas in jail...Martha Stewart style!

Dear Santa, Please put coal in Harry Reid's stocking... then hit him on the back of the head with it. Thank you, Traci

Why aren't conservative pundits angrier? Stop using such wussy phrases as "The proof is in the pudding." This is 2009 not 1609!

If our govt arrests me for not paying the health insurance fine, I hope they send me to Gitmo. Nice weather and no terrorists.
I wasn't pissy the whole time. We were, after all, in the middle of the second worst snow storm since Philadelphia started keeping such records so the epic amounts of white stuff proved to be a good distraction.

When my husband threatened to wash my face with snow, I said, "I would forgive you for having affairs with 14 women faster than I would forgive you for shoving snow in my face." He said, "I'll keep that in mind."

Hubby, of course, continues his annual tradition of spoiling every Christmas song line by line. Today he said, "A dolly for Sue? Just how big is Sue that she needs to be moved around with a dolly?"

So, after a brief lull, I am fully back in Christmas mode. I'm baking cookies, drinking wine and planning the holiday feast. I better enjoy it while I can. This could be my last Christmas as a free woman.

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