Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

The good folks over at Black Five say it better than I ever could. If you haven't yet read their military blog, today would be a good day to start.
Most vets have never seen combat in the sense we think of it. But every single solitary one of them has contributed in vital ways to the success of our combat efforts and making this the finest military ever. Without those who support the combat troops, success would impossible. Without the wrench turners, truck drivers, fuel handlers, cooks, clerks and all those like them, the greatest military the world has ever seen is an "also ran."

It doesn't matter what a vet did during his or her service, it matters that he or she chose to serve and do whatever vital job they were assigned to the best of their ability. It isn't about medals, it isn't about glory, it isn't about what job they did. It is about the fact that when their country called, they stood up and answered. They are all, every one of them, heroes.
My dad was a paratrooper during peacetime. Although, he never saw combat, he risked his life each time he jumped from a plane. He was ready to fight and would have done so proudly had he been asked.

Thank you, all of you, who ever wore the uniform of our great country. I feel privileged to have made some of you laugh. I hope I get to perform for you again in the future.

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