Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day

We just got back from casting our votes for Chris Christie. Or you could say we just got back from casting our votes against John Corzine. I think a lot of my fellow Garden State citizens have done the same.

New Jersey is so blue it's navy, so the mere fact that a Republican even has a chance of winning is astonishing.

I hope our current Governor is our former Governor by they end of the night. John Corzine is a reprehensible human being. He's a hypocritical, wealthy Marxist who uses his own money to buy power while claiming to be a man of the people. Even worse, he's a bald guy who made fun of Christie for being a fat guy.

Personally, I don't mind having a fat leader. At least we know he won't support the snack tax. Plus we could change our state motto to "New Jersey and Food: Perfect Together."

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