Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Would Google Do... About Healthcare

The irony of people who call themselves "Progressives" promoting a healthcare plan that was first proposed in the 1940's is not lost on me. I half expect Nancy Pelosi to show up at the next press conference dressed like one of the Andrews Sisters.

Daniel Henninger wrote a brilliant Wall Street Journal piece called "Obama And The Old Hat People."
If we were really living in the world of leading-edge politics that many people thought they were getting with Barack Obama, he would have proposed an iPhone for health care—a flexible system for which all sorts of users could create or choose health-care apps that suited their needs. Over time, with trial and error, a better system would emerge.

No chance of that. Our outdated political software can't recognize trial and error. What ObamaCare is doing with health care—the "public option"—may be fine with the activist left, but I suspect it's starting to strike many younger Americans as at odds with their lives, as not somewhere they want to go. Wait until EPA's ghost busters start enforcing cap-and-trade.
Maybe it's time to start texting the White House. Ur plan is lame LMAO

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