Thursday, October 22, 2009

Traci Says Watch Penn Says

In this gut-wrenching video, libertarian Penn Jillette (one half of Penn & Teller) discusses being yelled at by uber liberal Tommy Smothers (one half of The Smothers Brothers).

In his own words:
I sat on TV, while my hero Tommy Smothers yelled in my face how pissed off he was at me for appearing on Glenn Beck. It broke my heart.


Dick Carlson said...

This was absolutely amazing. I watch Penn on several shows, and I really enjoy that fact that he can have a sane conversation with someone that he disagrees with -- a talent that seems to be going out of style. I really hope this doesn't make him want to stop.

Traci Skene said...

That's exactly how I feel. I'm afraid he'll stop. If he does, the terrorists have won... and by terrorists I mean The Smothers Brothers.