Monday, October 26, 2009

Lima Like The Bean

We worked in Lima, Ohio this past weekend. It's pronounced "lima" like the bean, not "Lima" like the capital city of Peru.

To get to Lima, we had to drive through Licking County. Hubby says the tourism slogan for Licking County should be "Try Licking Yourself." Personally, I think it's more fun to parody the old New York City jingle and sing, "I Love Licking."

Of course, the possibilities are endless... "Licking Is For Lovers", "Licking And You, Perfect Together" or perhaps "Licking, It's What's For Dinner." All are acceptable answers but, more importantly, thinking up the ridiculous mottos will kill a few minutes during a ten-hour drive. Let's face it, you can only look at so many leaves.

We also killed time on the way home Sunday by listening to various local talk radio shows which is usually as exciting as eavesdropping on a couple of old guys who are drinking coffee at McDonalds.

The prevailing topic yesterday was H1N1 and the prevailing theme of the prevailing topic was that H1N1 is a bunch of hooey (as old guys at Micky D's might say). One caller after another talked about how they knew somebody who got swine flu who wasn't as sick as the other people they know who got the shot.

It's a good thing President Obama has declared H1N1 to be a national emergency, eh?

When I fired up the old desktop upon returning to our humble abode (we decided to give our brains and eyeballs a rest by leaving the laptops at home during our trip) I was a bit surprised to see news reports that first daughters, Sasha and Malia have not gotten their vaccinations yet. But I thought this was a national emergency? But I thought children were the most vulnerable? But I thought all parents were encouraged to drag their children kicking and screaming to a vaccination site?

Surely, this must just be an unfounded rumor. The President of the United States would never make the rest of the country do something that he wouldn't make his own family do, would he?

A few weeks ago, I got the plain old flu shot but I think I'll pass on the oinking variety. In the meantime, I'll just keep washing my hands... and stop licking things.

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