Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Levinity and Tyranny

Tonight, I took advantage of the unseasonably mild Phoenix temps and spectacular desert sunsets by taking a glass of cabernet and Mark Levin's book "Liberty And Tyranny" out on to my dad's patio.

RINO Witch Olympia Snowe and the rest of the Senate Finance Committee bums nearly ruined my day with their anti-American "health reform" votes this afternoon, so I desperately needed alcohol and a voice of reason to calm me down.

Mark Levin and Two-Buck Chuck turned out to be the perfect antidote.

"Liberty And Tyranny" should be read, put down, picked up and read again. There's a reason why it's a best seller without any help from the mainstream media. For those of us who are frustrated by the current administration's leftist-- or as he would say "statist"- agenda-- it's the perfect book at the perfect time.

But, I'm still scared. I feel like Harry Reid is Roman Polanski and the nation is a 13-year-old girl who has just been slipped a couple of 'ludes. Bend over folks. This is going to hurt like hell.

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