Friday, September 11, 2009

National Day Of Service

Only in the upside-down world of President Barack Obama would a National Day Of Service be a fitting way to pay tribute to people who were killed by terrorists on 9-11. It figures a professed "community organizer" would come up with that idea.

Perhaps we should limit our "service" today to helping people who actually serve... military, policeman, fireman, etc. We have 364 other days in the year to plant inner city gardens. Let's save today for the people who protect us on a daily basis.

I highly doubt Obama's favorite group ACORN will be doing anything positive for the men in blue. They would rather spend our tax payer dollars helping pimps import underage hookers into the US.

When I first saw this video posted on I thought it was fake. Then the news hit that ACORN had fired the staffers featured in the undercover report.

My favorite part is when the good-hearted volunteer says, "You are not a prostitute. You are a performing artist."

Hey, I'm a performing artist! For two decades, I have listed "performer" as my occupation on my tax returns. Now everybody at the IRS is going to think I'm a whore!

This should be fun if I ever get audited. "Ms, Skene, we're suspicious that a hooker needs to rent so many cars."

Part I

Part II

I'm so glad ACORN receives millions of dollars of our tax money. At least it's being put to good use. I'm sure we could convince the teenage hookers to give up a Saturday afternoon to pick up trash near a homeless shelter. Now that would be giving back to the community.

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