Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Am In The Junk File

Had you asked me a week ago to decribe an old friend of mine who is both a fairly well-known standup comic and PHD, I would have said, "He's the nicest guy in the world." What a difference a few days can make.

Earlier this week, Dr. Disdain (as I now call him) posted a health care related Facebook status which began by calling for a "counter-insurgency against the stupid." He then went on to declare folks who oppose universal health care as "stupid, ignorant and hostile."

So, we debated him. I wish I could reprint our comments but they have since been removed. I assure you, however, that what we wrote was reasoned, well-informed and thoughtful. It was by no means "stupid, ignorant and hostile."

But, to an arrogant man, any opposition is viewed as a attack, I suppose. We had the gall to offend his delicate sensibilities.

So, Mr. Academic-- who claimed to want reasoned debate-- decided instead to act like a 14-year-old and ditch us as Facebook friends. ROTFL.

I sent him an email expressing my disgust. I said I was disappointed in him. I said he should be ashamed of himself for not being able to handle a mere Facebook discussion. Here's what I found in my inbox this morning.
Traci, I was appalled by the condescending, scolding tone of your note. You do not know me well enough to launch that nonsense against me. I am on Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends. Once in a while, like most, I offer a rant of frustration. And in the beginning it was fine that Brian was challenging my thoughts. We exchanged a few times and then it started to get heated. It started to get uncomfortable because he seemed to be consistently missing my limited point about the lunatic fringe. You then entered in and it was getting strange (I got a half dozen emails from comedian friends asking what I has done to launch the heated exchanges). When Brian would not let it go I had enough. We are not that close that I need that grief.
As for your laughable note, Mommy, you lecturing me is absurd and obnoxious to say the least. You don't know me well enough and you aren't that bright. You two sound unhinged. Perhaps four decades of your strange lifestyle has distorted your perspective. Don't bother responding, you are in my junk file. No more contact. Buh Bye.
First of all, if he's only on Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends then why is he posting political statements calling half this country stupid? (To him, anybody who doesn't agree with him is part of the lunatic fringe.)

Secondly, I didn't "enter in" as he claimed. In fact, I started the whole thing. (Now, he's not just a creep, he's a sexist creep with an inability to follow a timeline.)

Thirdly, we received an email from a comic who opposed our views, complimenting us on our arguments. (The earlier assessment that "things got heated" is simply untrue. My husband was just stating facts and expressing opinions Dr. Disdain did not want to hear.)

So, now I'm unhinged and not that bright. As for my four decades of a strange lifestyle... well, I had no idea that my life has been weird since the age of four.

And don't even get me started about being called Mommy. Methinks our psychologist friend has some issues.

This type of person is the reason I am no longer a liberal and will never be one again. His pomposity is frightening. He's one of those intellectual, elite douchebags who thinks he know what's best for his fellow man.

I am one of those uninsured people who he claims to want to help. Evidently, I don't know what's good for me. Even worse, I have the audacity to speak my mind when clearly I should just stay quiet and let him do the thinking for both of us.

But, what do I know? I am obviously unhinged and not that bright.


Tom Wilson said...

Good job, Traci. Keep being true to yourself and your sharp intellect. I've been out here for decades, talking to an endless army of sycophants who believe that a dismissive sneer is actually an argument. I've lost many a "friend" like the clown you just dumped out of the volkswagen. They can't take the affront to their narcissism, and reel in shock that you might have an opinion that differs from THE opinion.
Way to go. I'm sure that you and I disagree, perhaps strongly, on plenty. Good. I can take it, and so can you.
All the best to you, Brian, Helium, and the Amish,

jim treacher said...

There are friends, and there are friends. That guy is neither.

Why do I have the sudden urge to put that jerk in a headlock, knock on the top of his pointy skull, and yell, "Hello? Anybody home?"

Tots said...

Keep up the fight, that is the difference is the right trys to use reason and logic and the left just gets mad.

Tom Wilson said...

Old and weak, Jim.

Traci Skene said...

Oh, it gets better.

Dr. Disdain emailed me with an "apology." I pointed out that my incentive to forgive somebody who has called me "unhinged" and "not that bright" is less than zero. I won't even print his reply but, apparently, I'm a narcissist. So, here's what I said:

"Wow, I thought you were a creep but you are actually a prick. I never called you names. But now I am.

Oh I see, you were forgiving me first. Well, aren't you a spectacular and wonderful human being! I am the narcissist? I won't forgive you because you called me stupid and crazy and that makes me a narcissist? I won't forgive you because forgiving you would make me an enabler. I suspected you would behave this way again and by golly you did.

You may be the most unself-aware person I have ever met. Man, do you have any idea how ugly you are coming across? I have misjudged anybody so much in my entire life.

And stop with this "buh bye" and "good luck with your life." You sound like a 14-year-old girl."

jim treacher said...

I didn't mean nothin' by it! Sorry...

Traci Skene said...

Now I'm a "full blown hysteric." And he will delete all my emails now without reading them.

Plus he's still fixated on my "four decades" in the business. How the hell old does he think I am? That insults me on a whole different level. Oh, I guess that means I really am a narcissist.

Boy, I'm glad I called him a prick while he was still reading my emails.

Patsy said...

There's no reasoning with liberals and PHD liberals are the worst. Actually, a prick is much too nice a name for him.

Traci Skene said...

I just realized today that I'm probably the first person to ever call him a prick. Feels kind of good.