Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Boy Who Cried Racism

The folks on the left are throwing around the "R" word a little too often these days.

Point out that former "Green Czar", Van Jones is a 9-11 Truther and you're a racist. It doesn't matter if you've been on record calling Rosie O'Donnel a whackjob for her similar beliefs. Nope, if you criticize Jones, you hate black people.

Oppose Obamacare and, that's right, you might as well have used the "N" word. The fact that you may have also been against Hillarycare doesn't count. You just want to keep the black man down.

Scoff at anything coming out of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's overactive mouth and you might as well go shopping for a white hood. Opposing Michael Moore and the rest of the "God Damn, America" crowd is inconsequential.

I thought we were living in a post-racial America? Try to judge folks on the content of their character and you're accused of only judging them by the color of their skin.

Is this the kind of change Obama had in mind?

Racism is an ugly biproduct of ignorance and intolerance. Let's save the word for people who are truly doing harm through their bigotry. By using the label for political gain, they are hurting the very people who are actual victims of this mentality. Eventually, the word will have no meaning at all.

Asking Charles Rangel to step down from the Ways and Means committee after he neglected to pay his taxes is not racist. Dragging James Byrd behind a pick-up truck is. See the difference?

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