Monday, August 31, 2009

No More Chit Chat

"I can't understand Antonio Banderas unless he's playing a cat," I said to my husband when he suggested we rent the movie "The Code."

"But I like caper films," he said through a stuffed up nose. Hubby had a cold, so I let him win this round. It was a victory we both regretted.

This 2009 straight to video release is a steaming turd of a film. (Hey,this is my third excrement reference in two weeks. Why the obsession? Could it be the milk thistle I've been taking?)

The plot was weak, the pace was agonizingly slow but it was Banderas' performance which was truly astounding. For 70% of the film he was unintelligible.

Here's us for two hours: "What did he say?" "Something about diamonds." "Go back a few frames." "Did he say he was from Miami or is he talking about his mommy?"

How is it possible that an actor who has starred in American films since the early '90's still is virtually incomprehensible?

Put Banderas, Charo and Penelope Cruz in a movie together and my head would explode.

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