Monday, August 24, 2009

Michael McDonald Plus Three

After flying into Philly International from Vegas, I found myself standing next to Michael McDonald at baggage claim. Instead of merely asking the Doobie Brother for a photo, I chose instead to snap a photo surreptitiously as he signed autographs for other, and might I add ruder, fans.

After taking several shots of my luggage, the floor and the back of his head, I finally landed this monstrosity.

I look like I was standing next to Michael McDonald in heaven.

I guess I should give up my dream of joining the paparazzi.

Since hubby was retrieving the car, I called him on the cell to brag about my brush with greatness. He asked, "Which Michael McDonald?"

You see, in the comedy world, we have three of our own Michael McDonalds to choose from.

There's the Canadian Mike MacDonald...

... the Boston Mike McDonald...

... and the MADTV Michael McDonald.

It turns out the musical Michael McDonald was in town for an appearance on QVC tomorrow night. I don't know where the other M&M's will be appearing.

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