Monday, July 6, 2009

Make-Out Sessions

After watching Episode One of our video series "Lying About: Standup" fellow comic, Lisa Corrao joked that my husband and I looked like we were going to make-out. This was particularly funny to me since my husband and I haven't made-out since 1985.

When Brian and I first started dating, we once made-out for two hours on a bench in Center City Philadelphia. Now, we can't even watch a two hour movie without pausing for a bathroom break.

As you get older, your passion doesn't diminish but you do try to hurry things along because you know eventually you will have to pee. Making love all night long is replaced by a desire to sleep through the night without your bladder waking you up at 4 AM.

Youth isn't necessarily wasted on the young, but robust kidneys certainly are.

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