Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fast Eddie

When Ed Rendell was the mayor of my hometown Philadelphia, he was known as the cheesesteak-eating, upper-lip sweating, slightly pudgy cheerleader for the City Of Brotherly Love. Everybody loved Fast Eddie.

Now that he's in Harrisburg, however, he may just be known as the hooker-hiring, upper-lip sweating, slightly pudgy former Governor of Pennsylvania.

According to a New York Madame, Elliot Spitzer wasn't the only Guv into the Luv.

Radio dudes Opie and Anthony, broke the story.

Of course, the rumors may turn out to be false. But, if it's true, he should resign. Why? Because he broke the law. Having sex with an intern isn't illegal, having sex with your assistant isn't illegal but having sex with a prostitute is.

Plus, his wife Midge, is a judge. A judge! She should bang the gavel down on his testicles.

Again, the rumors may turn out to be false. But are they ever?


JP said...

know a few folks who think he should step down regardless whether it is true or not.
One, a former supporter who works for the state.
Plenty of P.O.ed folks when it comes to Fast Eddie.

DamnCat said...

Rendell's chief spokesman Chuck Ardo announced today he's quitting to "spend more time with his family". A sure sign that the story is true.

Anonymous said...

Remember Chuck Berry? He did Federal time for transporting a woman across state lines for immoral purposes.

How come Eliot Spitzer didn't get the same treatment?