Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1...2...3 Strikes You're Out At The All-Star Game

First strike: Our "cool" President walks out to the mound wearing jean "slacks" that could have been purchased from the back of TV Guide. I've seen third-world dictators wear hipper pants.

Second strike: Obama made a victorious fist pump after nearly one-hopping the ball to the plate. Talk about looking like the "Special Olympics or something."

Third strike: In a post-game interview, the alleged White Sox Fan-In-Chief called his old stadium Cominskey instead of Comiskey.

It was an all-around embarrassing performance.

The folks at Busch stadium booed POTUS when he was introduced. The Spinmeisters attribute the less-than-friendly reception to nothing more than Cardinals' fans reacting poorly to a man wearing a White Sox jacket (no doubt bought at Cominskey).

As Obama's approval ratings continue to fall (currently hovering at 57%... can less than 50% be far behind?) I predict he will spend the rest of his term feeling like a White Sox fan at Busch stadium. Or worse, he'll be treated like a fake White Sox fan at Cellular Field.

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