Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jaskson

For more than an hour, TMZ was the only "news outlet" reporting the death of Michael Jackson. CNN refused to announce his passing until the LA Times had confirmed the same. TMZ was a victim of blog bias. While they we scooping the majors, MSNBC debated their credibility.

The reports of the main stream media's death may be greatly exaggerated but their demise is inevitable.

In the '80's, I loved Michael Jackson. But then I found out he was a child molester. No amount of album sales or influential videos will ever erase that fact in my mind.

I don't mind hearing about his place in music history but I can't listen to people like Donna Brazile talk about how he was a great humanitarian and caring human being. He was a child molester!

I'm sure his victims are not mourning his loss today.

I know you're not supposed to talk ill of the dead, but you're also not supposed to use innocent children for your own sexual gratification either.

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Al Romas said...

If you were only to watch CNN, you would have no idea that there was ever any child molesting in his past. Where's Norm MacDonald when you need him? One of his go to SNL punchlines was, "He is a homosexual pedophile."