Friday, June 5, 2009

Failed Product Hall Of Fame

On the clearance rack at my local supermarket was a can of Fabreze Moroccan Bazaar. I wonder why the price was drastically reduced? Could it be the name of the scent?!

Have the folks at Fabreze ever smelled a Moroccan Bazaar? Personally, I don't want my couch to smell like body odor, snakes and snakes with body odor.

The only place a Moroccan Bazaar smells good is at Epcot and that's because it's Disney. Even giant rats smell good at Disney.

When I see Moroccan Bazaar, I just think BO in a can. I think of somebody coming out of a bathroom saying, "Don't go in there, it smells like a Moroccan Bazaar."

The website describes the aroma as "Fresh-ground ginger, one of the many stimulating scents at a Moroccan spice market." The only thing that would be stimulated is my gag reflex.

Perhaps they should have just called the product Fabreze Ginger. If nothing else, it would have been bought by Gilligan's Island fans.

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