Friday, May 29, 2009

Hawaii Tweets

Slept for 10 1/2 hours. Woke up and realized that I hadn't showered in 72 hours.

Here are some vacation Tweets from the past week or so. It was frustrating not having good internet access during our stay. But maybe it was just as well we were off the computer for awhile.

On vacation, you can have coconut rum and guava juice for breakfast. At home, it just means you have a drinking problem.

Hawaii Thoughts: It should be rice OR macaroni salad, not rice AND macaroni salad.

Day Nine Hilo: Hiked Waipio. One mile straight up at a 30% grade. Thought we were going to die. In fact, we may have. Can't remember.

Day Eight Hilo: Drove to the top of Mauna Kea... 13,000 feet. Got dizzy. Drove back down. Still fun.

Day Seven Hilo: Went to Volcanoes National Park. Saw lava flowing into the ocean. Better than fireworks.

Day Six Hilo: Ate a loco moco: egg, rice, meat and gravy. They must smoke a lot of pot here in Hilo for this to be popular.

Kona Day Four: 25th Anniversary of our first date. Sat by the pool and drank Mango Tangos until the sun set.
I hope this gives you some idea of what we did all week. I'll write more later. Adjusting to the real world again is a bitch.

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