Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aloha From Hawaii 3: "A room with a view"

I saw the strangest bird on our hotel neighbor's balcony this past Thursday night. It was attached to a half-naked man and in the mouth of a woman who was only wearing a thong. All I wanted to do was have a nice coconut rum while watching the surf but instead I found myself in the middle of a porno.

Yes, I called security. Mostly because they didn't have the decency to turn out the lights before going at it. I would have yelled, "Get a room!" but they already had one. Sorry, but I paid for an ocean view, not an ass view.

Right not we're watching canoe races in Kailua Bay. In a few hours, we'll pack up the Jeep and head east to Hilo. We're going to miss Kona.

The view from our balcony: our pet palms-- to the far left if Hans... to the right, in the center, is Fronds.

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