Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aloha From Hawaii 2

I don't think I've ever checked my email in a prettier setting. The water is a sparkling blue, the hibiscus are the size of dessert plates and the Geckos are telling me how to lower my car insurance with Geiko.

The weather has been ridiculously perfect. We just stopped at a farmer's market and bought a low-acid pineapple with no idea how we're going to cut it up with a pocket knife in our hotel room. No worries. We're in Hawaii. We'll figure something out.

Here's a few vacation Tweets I've posted in the last few days.
Kona Day One: A drunk local sang Foreiner's "Urgent" to me while we waited for thai take-out.

Kon Day Two: Ate a fish burrito and no that's not a euphemism. Kayaked with a guy who looks like Jim Gaffigan.

Kona Day Three: Squealed like a girl as we took the Jeep for some off-road driving. Frolicked on a green sand beach.

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