Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not-So-Happy Meal

Dear McDonald's CEO,

I know people stay up all night in Las Vegas but does that really mean you need to blast music 24 hours a day from your newest McDonald's located on the Las Vegas Strip? I'm staying across the street at the Riviera and I'm forced to sleep wearing earplugs.

I'm up at 8:30 AM because the earplugs stopped working. I shouldn't be up this early. Nobody should be up this early in Vegas!

Normally, I would walk over to McDonald's and order a hot cakes breakfast (hold the sausage) but I'm so angry right now, I'm afraid I would open up a can of whoopass (are the kids still saying that these days?) on the unsuspecting cashier who is forced to take my order.

It took everything I had not to wander over there in my nightgown at 4 AM and scream, "Would you turn down that damn stereo!"

I feel like I'm being tortured at Gitmo.

Please stop. Please, please, please stop. I'm tired. I'm tired of listening to the Eagles. I just want to sleep.


Traci Skene
former customer

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