Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Let It Ride!

As hubby and I were standing in line at Slots O' Fun, waiting for our $1 Happy Hour draft beer, I started thinking about America's bad economy.

I thought about it even more as we sat playing the nickel slots.

I realized that if we felt more secure with our finances, we would probably be drinking Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from fancy glasses and shoving money into a dollar poker machine.

Wow, we really are suffering. (Yes, the sarcasm light is flashing.)

No doubt, Las Vegas is being hit hard by the current recession but there aren't people selling apples on the street. There are women named Apple selling themselves on the streets but they were doing that during the "go-go" '80's. In other words, construction may have halted in spots, showroom attendance may be off slightly and gambling revenues are down but it's still hardly the stuff of the Great Depression.

I had to leave Ross today because it was too crowded.

During the Great Depression my grandma was not shopping for bargains on a clearance rack. She was making coats for her kids out of leftover canned hams. (I may have some of the details wrong.)

My point is, folks may be altering their lifestyles somewhat but the fun hasn't stopped yet... at least not in Vegas. Hopefully it never will.

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