Monday, April 6, 2009

Kickin' It Old School

We left Los Angeles yesterday after an all-too-brief stay, pointed our car east and set out for Las Vegas.

The trip fell somewhere between pleasant and unpleasant. We stopped off at at one of the "just across the border" casinos to empty our bladders. While I was still in the restroom, hubby hit for $7.02 at a penny slot machine. We actually had to wait for an attendant to give us our loot. We lost two bucks in an adjoining machine waiting for him to arrive.

We took our winnings and purchased two $1.00 hotdogs which were the size of actual dogs. By the end, I had the shivers.

Last night, we decided to stay in downtown Vegas better known now as the Fremont Street Experience. It's the place where 99 cent shrimp cocktails still exist. (Although after the giant dog I was not in the mood for seafood.) The place is teeming with twenty-somethings drinking daiquires from giant plastic cups, old people watching the light show while hanging on to walkers and the tattoothless giving money to the homeless. I love kickin'it old school.

Now we're sitting at a McDonald's on the world famous Las Vegas Strip spending $2.95 for internet access. (The kids sitting next to us are frighteningly obnoxious. I'll be shocked if I make it out of here without a Happy Meal landing on my keyboard.)

It's day 10 of of our southwest trip. Here are some pics we've taken over the last week and a half. We still have 7 more days until we fly home. I plan to spend my days lazing by the pool, soaking up the sun. I need to get rid of my recently acquired sock tan.


Suzy said...

Sorry I missed you but the bf and I were at his Santa Barbara ranch for two days.

Anonymous said...

More pictures please. One or both of you have a pretty good photo eye. My compliments. cjg of eroticalee