Monday, April 27, 2009

The Birds And The Bees

Yesterday afternoon, I sat under a flowering cherry tree reading Dinesh D'Souza's The End Of Racism. Of course, the cultural relativists discussed in this book would have probably turned their collective noses up at my suburban American setting. For the 90 minutes I sat outside, I only saw 8 people and all of them were white, four were obviously heterosexual and one was fishing for sport rather than sustenance.

On page 142 of TEOR, D'Souza introduces his readers to Margaret Mead, lesbo social scientist who, back in 1928, sold millions of copies of her now-discredited book Coming Of Age In Samoa which should have been called Anthropology For Dummies.

Turns out a group of giggling teenage Samoan girls yanked Mead's anthropological chain by convincing her that Samoans were hippies before hippiness was cool. Their pro-adultery, pro-homosexual, pro-divorce lifestyle didn't exist at all. But Mead, took their fake message of Free Love to the masses and the masses ate it up.

I've often said that lefty comic Bill Maher "sees the world through jizz-colored glasses." I'm beginning to think the same applies to many liberals.

It's all about sex. They're against anything that will stand in their way of guilt free boinking. That's why they despise religion. Bill Maher believes the man upstairs is a real buzz kill to the one-eyed German living in his trousers.

Very early on in my life, I realized there were great disadvantages to whoring around which is why I chose to not whore around. My decision was based more on a biological morality that anything religious.

Sex can cause all manner of horrible maladies, just ask Hitler. The US couldn't kill him but syphilis did. (Oh sure, there was that little mess of a self-inflicted gun shot wound but that was the syphilis talking.)

I've always believed that if Man-- and by Man I mean Man and woMan-- were meant to have an abundance of multiple partners then there wouldn't be chlamydia or gonorrhea or AIDS. It's not God doing this to us, it's nature.

Fidelity and "Opposite Marriage"-- as Miss California calls it-- was probably a result of man discovering that sex can kill, much like he discovered aloe can make burns disappear.

Of course, I'm no anthropologist but I am smarter than Margaret Mead. At least I can tell when I'm being lied to by an eighth-grader.

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