Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thoroughly Indoctrinated Millie

Nothing ruins my day more than having well-meaning audience members tell me that I remind them of Janeane Garofalo. It makes me want to run to the nearest drug store for an $8 bottle of blond hair dye.

In order to sleep at night, I tell myself it's only our hair that's similar. The idea that we may have identical brains makes me want to run to the nearest book store for a $24 copy of Final Exit.

In the days before the word "activist" appeared on her business card, Ms. Garofalo was an overhyped standup comic. Her unpolished, psuedo-intellectual persona made her one of the original Gods of the alternative comedy scene. I never thought she was funny, but I also never thought it was my place to make such an assessment. We were both standup comics, taking different paths. I'm sure Janeane wouldn't have been a big fan of my road tested dick jokes either but, in the big tent that is standup, there was room for both of us.

In the big tent that is politics, there is also room for both of us... at least that's how I feel. Garofalo, it appears, feels differently.
"The right wing has a way of always having an enemy, whether it be immigrants or Arabs or brown-skinned people, black-skinned people, homosexuals, women. They all, kind of, rally around an enemy, an other, that they can get mad at. And death does occur."
Death does occur? I had no idea that my right wing desire for lower taxes and smaller government was causing... death. My vote for John McCain was a vote for... death. Garofalo's wrong-headed stereotype of "right wingers" is as nutty as a "right winger" calling all Arabs terrorists.
"A lot of the people in the right-wing base are not the most intellectual people in the world, not the most savvy people in the world, and they are definitely quick to anger, and quick to blame other people. ... it's a very sad, sad thing, and it's part of the human nature of a personality type that tends to identify as Republican or conservative. And it's an unfortunate part of our society. It's a scourge on our society."
As somebody who is not very intellectual, I'll have to look up the word scourge.

You know what's a sad, sad thing? Going on The View and telling the audience to read Howard Zinn. You know what's a scourge on our society? "Left wingers" who can't go to a dinner party without spouting Marxist ideology before the soup is even served. You know what's pathetic? Calling the people you disagree with stupid rather than debating the actual issues.

From now on I shall only refer to Janeane Garofalo as Thoroughly Indoctrinated Millie. She's now so far left that she's about to tip over.


Suzy said...

She's never been funny and never will be. Overhyped doesn't begin to describe her 'act.'

msspurlock said...

People say you like The Gruffalo?
You look like a sweet, young Bettie Page!
The Gruffalo looks like Betty Friedan. (I mean now, not when she was alive.)

I'm sorry, but whoever these people are, they must "work" for Obama, and drink the bong water.

Traci Skene said...

Totally made my day.

Mad Fiddler said...

Huzzah for your thoughts, funny and serious.

For several decades it has seemed that mainstream alleged comedians ("iennes") have had to dumb down the content of their routines. This is possibly the result of the impoverished logical processing skills of their audience, who are mostly the products of public schools dominated by doctrinaire leftist meddlers.

You must have noticed that we are now in something like the third generation of public high school grads who cannot consistently logic their way out of an open toilet stall.

Traci Skene said...

Actually, we haven't had to dumb down our material. It's up to the comedian to present jokes in a way that most people will understand.

If anything, we've had to deal with Political Correctness more than any lack of logic skills.

Anonymous said...

You are all simply jealous that JG is famous and funny, and...well, you're not. 'Nuff said.

Traci Skene said...

Dear Anonymous (Why are "mean" comments always posted anonymously? At least I have the guts to put my name and photo next to my words.)

You are confusing me with somebody who is five-years-old. I am long past the point in my life where I base my opinions on jealousy.

I travel this country making people laugh with my husband of 20 years by my side. JG gets to have lunch with Michael Moore. You're right, I must be jealous after all.