Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

Early morning flights always seem like a good idea at the time of booking. Then as you're scrambling around trying to pack the night before the trip you begin to wonder what the heck you could have been thinking.

We're flying to Las Vegas first thing in the AM, picking up a rental car and driving four hours to Flagstaff for a 9 PM show at Northern Arizona University. It'll be interesting to see if the town has completely been taken over by prairie dogs yet. I have a theory: one prairie dog is cute, three are adorable, but hundreds make you jump back in the car, lock the doors and hit the gas with no regard to how many of the fuzzy creatures are being squished beneath your tires.

On Saturday we head to Phoenix to visit my dad. Then we're going to Vegas for a week with a possible brief side-trip to Los Angeles.

Looking forward to the warm temps. Not looking forward to exposing my pasty white legs.

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